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With 48 patents in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from Stanford University in 1992, Dr. Chris Marrs is an award-winning cosmetic product development scientist. He has 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and personal care industry working for company such as Neutrogena and Syntex.

Dr. Marrs’'s extensive experience ranges from basic research (medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry) to product formulation and development, quality assurance and manufacturing experience.

Due to his diverse experience, extensive education, and passion for engaging in detailed basic research, Dr. Marrs posesses an unparalleled understanding on the performance and intereaction of the key cosmetic and mongraphed OTC ingredients which enables him to maximize their full potential efficiently. He is extremely adept at the optimization of performance of high SPF sunscreens, anti-ageing and skin lightening formulations.

Dr. Marrs has gained a reputation of working with difficult to formulate, challenging marketing ideas and turning them into superior, award-winning formulas. Using his technical knowledge, coupled with understanding of consumer expectations and habits, the majority of these efforts resulted in granted U.S. patents, successful revolutionary product launches followed by beauty magazine awards and extraordinarily long and profitable product lifetimes.

Chris’'s passion, broad scientific knowledge and considered insight are entrenched in all services we provide, and in each successful project of our clients.

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