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Technical Consulting & Research

Due to our diverse experience, we are knowledgeable and experienced in many technical areas related to the development of cosmetic products. We offer many technical assistance services, among them:

We can assist you in troubleshooting existing problems with formulations or manufacturing

processes and assist in developing a solution to them.

We provide research and analysis for the evaluation of potential in-licensed technology

We provide analysis of competitive products

We can suggest testing to support claim substantiation

We are particularly capable in researching the properties and potential of cosmetic raw

materials to provide a forceful marketing message. With the detailed research report provided

by us, you can make the optimum decision in selecting the best ingredient(s) to serve your


We can provide detailed support for your marketing ideas and help you refine your concepts to

enhance your positioning

We are available to your marketing team for ideation meetings and brand strategy optimization

We are able to provide detailed analysis and support to your regulatory group regarding proposed

changes to existing formulas driven by compliance issues and provide prompt reformulation

supporting global registration efforts.

We offer the full range of cosmetic research & development support.

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